The UK or commonly known as the United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, an island nation which is located in northwestern Europe. With its capital London, it is considered one of the most powerful countries in Europe and the world. The UK is not only famous for its Roman heritage but also a global influence on culture and finance. The United Kingdom is also world-renowned for its Royal family and traditions which are always getting importance in global news and highlights.


The UK is world-famous for its universities, colleges, institutions, and education structure. Many worlds’ top universities are located here.


Step 1: Meet our trained counselors

Attend a counseling session at our office to find out your options relating to study destination, courses available, and recommended institutions. Our counselors are well trained by foreign universities to guide students with the most updated admission and visa requirements as admission and visa policies keep on changing. They will give you an admission

checklist for the documents you will need to provide for admission and visa.

Step 2: Register with Mod-Con Consultant

Submit all required documents as per the admission checklist and register with Mod Con to start your admission process.

Step 3: Apply for admission

Finalize your study options regarding the course and university carefully. We may submit your admission applications to multiple universities to increase more chances for your admission. You can submit proof of your English language ability like IELTS/TOEFL later and can start the process without it. After submission of the application, we will keep tracking the application status by keeping in contact with the institution on your behalf and will regularly update you.

Step 4: Receive an Offer Letter

At this point, we will receive your admission notification which we will forward to you. Now fulfill any condition of admission to obtain an unconditional admission letter. Universities give a certain time to accept or reject admission so your quick response is mandatory.

Step 5: Organize Funds

For a study permit, you are required to show sufficient balance in your or your sponsor bank account to cover your study and living expenses. Please consult us for more accurate advice and required amounts of funds, sponsors, and supporting documents.

Step 6: Pay Tuition fee

To accept your offer from an education provider, you may be asked to pay a first-semester fee and some deposit to confirm your study place. The most reliable payment method is paying through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) but it can also be paid through Direct Debit (DD). The fee is paid directly to the university.

Step 7: Issuance of Unconditional Visa Letter

Upon receiving the fee university will issue you with Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Some UK universities   ask   students   to   provide   a   sponsor’s   bank statement to see the required amount of money is available for

28 days prior to visa. Now it is time for you to come back to your closest branch and bring your required documents so we may submit your visa application.

Step 8: Undertake Medical Test

Before submission of a visa, the application student is required to undertake a   Medical test from   IOM.   Once you have undertaken the medical examination, this medical report will be submitted along with your visa application to the embassy and this test result is only valid for up to six months.

Step 9: Visa lodgment

To lodge your visa application you will need to provide the documents outlined in the checklist we provided you and as stated on CAS. Students can keep tracking the visa application status online. Visa interviews at Gerry’s International and possibly at British High Commission are conducted for students over  18  years.  You are also required to provide bio-metric at the nearest Visa Center.

Step 10: Visa Decision

You will be notified of your visa decision.  Now if the decision is positive it is time for you to start planning your travel and accommodation for the UK!