Leadership Exchanged: How to disrupt in business and make a difference with Paul Richardson

Joining Christopher Pietroni for our first-ever episode of Leadership Exchanged is Paul Richardson, a successful entrepreneur across sectors as varied as waste management, fashion, e-commerce and cyber security. Paul discusses his journey as a serial entrepreneur at just 18 years old in his father’s skip-hire to strategically directing Gymshark to become the billion-dollar global sportswear brand it is today. In this episode, Paul and Christopher discuss taking a helicopter view on leadership to stay ahead of competitors and how empathy, communication and consistently developing on your learnings are key to a modern-day leadership approach.

The Leadership Exchanged podcast asks if the world’s biggest and most complex problems could be solved if the right leadership approach was applied? Do we need to exchange current approaches to leadership for something new? In each episode Leadership expert Professor Christopher Pietroni discusses with guests what kind of leadership is needed if you want to make real, lasting change. Find out more about the Leadership Exchanged podcast:

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