Introduction to Postgraduate Research

Dr Paul Thompson, Deputy Director of the College of Arts and Law Graduate School, provides an overview of the world of postgraduate research at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 What do we mean by PGR? Postgraduate Research
01:59 Arts and Law at Birmingham
02:59 University of Birmingham campus
03:54 Resources and support
05:05 Westmere – Postgraduate Researcher Hub
05:49 The College of Arts and Law
07:10 Modes of study – Full-time or Part-time
08:19 PhD – Doctor of Philosophy
10:23 PhD Supervisors
10:55 Examination by thesis and viva
12:43 Masters – MA by Research and MRes
14:00 Supervision
15:45 Current student research
16:50 Research community
18:18 Application process

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