Study Postgraduate Law at the University of Birmingham Dubai

Our LLM General programmes provides an innovative, engaging and flexible approach to postgraduate legal studies, allowing you to build an LLM tailored to your personal aspirations

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This General LLM pathway is particularly suitable for those seeking exposure to a range of legal disciplines, giving students expertise across the board, and providing the skills and knowledge required for a successful legal career.

On this pathway you have complete flexibility in module selection, allowing you to decide which areas of law have the most relevance to your future career and to choose modules that most interest you. The ability to study, learn and apply law across disciplines is something that can help set you apart.

The modules available will provide you with a grounding in common law and international approaches to a range of specialist issues. Specifically tailored to the needs of both law graduates aspiring to a professional career in law and working professionals seeking to develop their knowledge, this programme is designed to be flexible with full and part-time modes available, suiting the needs of a diverse student body.

This is the ideal pathway if you wish to gain Masters-level knowledge and skills without restricting yourself to just one particular branch of law.

We have designed the timetable to suit the schedule of our students. We offer classes in the day on weekdays for students who can commit to a one year programme. For working professionals, we offer a flexible combination of evening and weekend classes over a two year period.

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