How My Arts and Humanities Degree Has Supercharged My Career!

Graduates of the University of Birmingham’s arts and humanities undergraduate discuss how the skills and abilities they developed during their courses has helped their successful careers.

0:00 Confidence
0:22 Research and present it well
0:49 Able to pitch and speak publicly
1:18 Get senior quite quickly
1:43 Debate and discuss in an informed way
2:20 Value of learning a language and studying a Year Abroad
3:15 Confidence in performance leads to opportunities
3:44 Report writing
4:00 Communication skills
4:34 Ability to craft a clear argument
5:11 Plan your own priorities and deadlines
5:30 Teamwork and leadership
6:16 Perspective
6:41 A different future is possible and you can have a role in bringing that about.

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