Opportunities and challenges of digitisation – reflections on the Eton Myers collection

Questioning our Collections colloquium
Professor Henry Chapman (University of Birmingham)

The School of History and Cultures at the University of Birmingham (SHaC) has access to thousands of artefacts from cultures that span the breadth of human history. We are in an enviable position to access objects from cultures that form the basis of our research and teaching. However, the history of our collections is not complete, even though some artefacts have been in our care for over one hundred years, nor have our collections been fully published. This provides an opportunity to rethink and reshape our understanding of our collections. Recently, the collections in the care of SHaC have received renewed attention from academic colleagues. We are at a new stage in our collections’ history where we can implement a forward-looking and innovative approach to our recording, research, and teaching using our collections.

This is a one-day hybrid colloquium organised by Dr Maeve McHugh and Dr Leire Olabarria, with support from Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures (BRIHC), that brings together speakers who have experience researching and publishing institutional collections.

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