MPA Faith Based Leadership

Leading a faith community today is a complex and challenging task. Our MPA in Faith Based Leadership develops effective, equipped and informed leaders who can help their organisations maximise their impact for the good of society.

Today’s faith communities are often sizeable organisations with sophisticated educational, healthcare or social engagement projects and significant financial turnover. However, the initial training of faith leaders understandably focusses on their theological and pastoral skills, leaving many leaders with significant professional responsibilities and management challenges that they sometimes feel ill-equipped to confront.

The University of Birmingham MPA in Faith-Based Leadership offers a globally-unique approach to faith leadership development. It combines insight into organisational, administrative, managerial and leadership skills, from negotiation to social entrepreneurship, decision science to ethical purchasing, and leading volunteers to intercultural engagement, with a commitment to faith-sensitive application of these core principles in faith communities across the world.

The MPA is a two-year, part-time programme designed for senior and emerging senior leaders from across a variety of faiths, from faith-based organisations and from governmental and non-governmental organisations that deal with faith-based issues as part of their everyday life.

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