Study undergraduate English Language at university

Interested in English Language? Join Dr Gerardo Ortega to hear all about the course, the campus, and the opportunities available to you at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Introduction
01:46 What is the study of English Language and Linguistics?
02:32 Learn from internationally renowned experts
10:05 Develop skills that can be applied in multiple workplaces
11:17 Structure of our programme
20:55 Support for students
21:54 Careers Network and Employability
27:00 Student view of the course
27:20 Why I chose Birmingham
28:34 My favourite modules
34:30 Student societies and sports clubs

We all use language every day, but how many of us stop to think about it?

The study of language demands discipline, observation, exploration and imagination. Some aspects, like grammar and phonology, ask for particular attention to detail, accuracy and logical argument. Other topics, such as child language development and language variation, demand an ability to collect, analyse and evaluate your own data. Finding out how a language works and how societies communicate, combines a unique intellectual challenge with significant practical potential. You will also have the chance to use new resources, such as computer-held databases of linguistic data and you will be encouraged to embrace theoretical and technological advances in the study of language.

Our BA English Language draws on Birmingham’s internationally renowned strength in applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, grammar and stylistics. You will be able to tailor the programme to suit your strengths and interests and towards a wide range of careers. The skills you gain will make you a much sought after graduate.

English languages courses available at the University of Birmingham:
Digital Media and Communications
English Language and Linguistics
English Language and Literature
English Language
English and Classical Literature & Civilisation
English and History
English and Philosophy
Modern Languages and English

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