Tam Dalyell Prize Lecture 2021 - Andrew Manches

The Tam Dalyell Prize is given annually by The University of Edinburgh to recognise staff who have delivered outstanding work in engaging the public with science.

Have you have ever wondered why you move your hands when you’re talking, even when you’re on the phone? When we explain ideas we often gesticulate, and research is revealing how these movements offer a unique window into the way we think and understand the world.

This presents a valuable opportunity for early learning; looking closer at how children gesture helps us better recognise what they know, often before they can tell us in their own words. And thinking more about how we gesture when communicating with children may help us explain things better. Gestures may even help us understand the potential of interactive technologies to enhance learning by encouraging certain actions.

In this talk, Dr Andrew Manches will share clips from several projects to illustrate this emerging research field, with examples of cutting-edge digital designs that offer a different perspective to debates about children and the role of technology.

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