Pathways to Practise: Summer School for Canadian Law Students

Hear from Birmingham Law School Staff and students as they explain the excellent support available to students joining us from Canada. They touch on a range of exciting opportunities within the school, but we focus on our brand new Summer School in partnership with NCA Tutor. Annually, we host a free week-long non-credited summer school with our partner, NCA Tutor to equip our Canadian graduates returning home with specific information putting them in the best position possible to take their NCA examinations.

Birmingham Law School has a long history of welcoming students from Canada. In particular, our LLB and LLB for Graduates programmes are very popular with Canadian students. England and Canada share a Common Law heritage and much of what is taught on each country’s law courses is similar. Many Canadian students find studying in the UK a time and cost effective way to gain a Law degree that contributes towards the accreditation process on returning to Canada to practice. After completing their LLB, many of our graduates also decide to do an LLM within the School.

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