Institute for Mental Health Lunchtime Webinar with Dr Maria Dauvermann

On Monday 6 December, Dr Maria Dauvermann delivered the Institute for Mental Health Lunchtime Webinar –

Childhood adverse events and mental health in adulthood – Only negative consequences in individuals with mental health conditions?

Dr Maria Dauvermann is a Lecturer in Youth Mental Health in the Institute for Mental Health. Maria has a background in cognitive neuroscience across several neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions. She has continued to expand on this to gain a better understanding of how factors occurring during development can influence and are influenced by mental health conditions.

“In this webinar, I will provide an overview of relationships between the experience of adverse events during childhood and challenges occurring during adulthood. Such problems may become visible as mental health problems, such as cognitive difficulties or brain alterations in individuals with schizophrenia. I will discuss limitations in identifying and interpreting such links as only long-term negative consequences in individuals with schizophrenia, as well as opportunities to approach these differently.”

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