Levelling Up discussion with Professors Bart van Ark and Andy Westwood from The Productivity Inst…

Levelling Up, Regional Disparities and Productivity

Join The Productivity Institute’s managing director Bart van Ark in a livestream discussion about Levelling Up, Regional Disparities and Productivity with Professor Andy Westwood.

They’ll discuss fresh research led by Professor Westwood on what needs to be done to ensure the government’s Levelling Up agenda is more than just a slogan and discuss the key policy recommendations ahead of the government’s forthcoming ‘Levelling Up’ white paper, with a focus on tackling low productivity and reducing regional inequalities.

Join us on LinkedIn for this discussion on why it is critical to mend the UK’s existing overcentralised systems, how a short-term policy outlook has contributed to the creation of extreme regional and local inequalities, and how we should avoid make things worse.

Improving productivity lies at the heart of any mission to improve wages and strengthen the economy in the aftermath of Brexit and Covid. The Productivity Institute (TPI) began in September 2020 to lay the foundations for an era of sustained and inclusive productivity growth underpinned by our pillars of research and engagement with business and policy. It is a UK-wide research institute funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

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