#Covid19: We need to all do our bit to keep campus safe

It’s great to be back on campus having a near normal uni experience.
But we all still need to work together to keep it that way.
Here KK Cheng, Professor of Public Health and Primary Care, details the steps we can all take to help:
* JABS: Have your Covid jabs if you’re able – they are our most effective defence against the pandemic
* VENTILATE: When indoors try to improve ventilation by opening windows and doors.
* TEST: Take regular lateral flow tests.
* MASK: Wear a mask. No it’s not mandated, BUT when you’re indoors with others it can reduce the risk of Covid and flu.
Being vaccinated doesn’t remove the risk of catching Covid completely and there are some on campus with impaired immunity so are at increased risk, so let’s protect everyone in our community.

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