Can solar save us?

Developments in solar power are set to offer cheaper, better energy, reducing the impact of climate change, says Oxford solar expert, Professor Henry Snaith.
The Binks Professor of Renewable Energy, who specialises in photovoltaic research, maintains that the move to 100% renewable energy sources is achievable. He insists, ‘there exists vastly more capacity than is currently required from solar and wind technology…the cost of solar power is already cheaper [in some regions] than traditional sources.’
And, he says, current research in the Photovoltaic and optoelectronic device group, will bring down costs still further – while producing much more efficient renewable energy. At the moment, according to Professor Snaith, up to 80% of solar energy is ‘wasted’.
‘In Oxford [University and Oxford PV Ltd (a spin-out from the University)],’ he says, ‘we’re working with a new material… it is already demonstrating 30% efficiency and within 10 years this could go up to 40% efficiency.’
COP26 ask: ‘With investment…effort and ambition to scale, these technologies can mitigate climate change and deliver a cheaper power source for our future generations.’

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