How will we live in the future climate?

With uncertainty over the impacts of climate change – and the need to prepare – it is essential to accurately understand the threats; for governments, populations and for investors. At the centre of this research is Jim Hall, Oxford Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks.
Using big data sets and satellite imagery, they are creating simulation models which deliver some of those answers, ‘we’re looking at where the impacts will be greater in future.’ These will allow governments, peoples and businesses to prepare and to protect themselves from the impacts of climate change.
A key theme of COP26 is the need for adaptation and resilience. The work being carried out by Professor Hall and his team will have a direct impact on safeguarding people and livelihoods. Right now, they are providing evidence to help the UK Government and governments around the world to make their infrastructure systems more resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change.
An engineer, with expertise in water resource systems, flood and coastal risk, Professor Hall is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology and an Expert Adviser to the National Infrastructure Commission. His methods have been used internationally.

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