International Student Voice | Episode 3: Study Tips | University of Westminster

What is it really like for international students to live in London and study at the University of Westminster? Find out in our new International Student Voice series that gives a voice to our international students who share what student life in London is really like.

In the third episode of the International Student Voice series we ask two international students and a member of the Student and Academic Services team to share their top study tips to help you succeed during your time studying at university.

Episode 3 features Victoria, who is studying Creative Writing: Writing the City MA, Irina, who is studying Psychology BSc Honours, and Laura, who works as Senior Learning Adviser within the University’s Student and Academic Services team. They talk about breaking down big tasks into smaller more manageable tasks, creating your ideal study environment, and how to utilize the University’s support services and study resources.

Questions in Episode 3:

Tell us about how you get your university work done?

As an international student, what are the differences about studying in the UK?

How has the university helped you during your time at Westminster?

Tell us about your group work, how did you find this? Did it help?

Students featured in this episode:
Victoria Trentacoste
Study Creative Writing: Writing the City MA:

Irina Firsa
Study Digital Business MSc: Psychology BSc Honours:

Staff featured in this episode:
Laura Niada
Learning Development:

See all the academic and learning support services provided to students at Westminster through the Academic Liaison and Learning Development Team

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