Introducing the Institute of Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI at Birmingham

Data touches on almost every aspect of our lives, from recommending movies based on what we’ve already watched to discovering new life-saving drugs. But collecting data alone isn’t enough to understand the world; it can identify patterns of behaviour, but it can’t tell us why these patterns occur. For this, we need experts to develop theories and models to explain the data and data analysis techniques to uncover those patterns.

The new Institute for Interdisciplinary Data Science and AI at the University of Birmingham is developing and fostering a culture of asking the important questions to address important challenges in areas of sustainability, equality, health, and data-driven science. To do this, we are building on a foundation of excellence in methodology including modelling, statistics, machine learning, linguistics, optimisation, behavioural sciences, and the social, ethical, and legal implications of technology.

As one of the Alan Turing Institute’s 13 partners, we are working in close collaboration to deliver world-leading collaborative research across the Turing’s scientific programmes through our Turing Fellows. We are also working with strategic partners across the sectors to deliver research with impact.

We are a hub of knowledge exchange. We always welcome colleagues and friends in academia, industry, the NHS and Government to work with us to further progression. Should you wish to learn more, or if you’re interested in working with us, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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