Working while at University | International Student Voice | Ep2 | University of Westminster

What is it really like for international students to live in London and study at the University of Westminster? Find out in our new International Student Voice series that gives a voice to our international students who share what student life in London is really like.

In the second episode of the International Student Voice series we ask four international students to provide insight into how they found work, the types of roles they’ve had, the benefits of gaining work experience, and also advice on how to manage your time when working as a student.

Episode 2 features:

Justyna, who graduated from French and English Language BA Honours. View course:

Samuel is currently studying Digital Business MSc.
View course:

Riccardo graduated from International Business BA Honours.
View course:

Xinru is studying Media Management MA. View course:

They talk about the journey of life working as a student, the different skills they’ve learnt, how they arrange their time, and the importance of making those important work connections during your studies!

Questions in Episode 2:
Tell us about any part-time jobs you’ve had while at university?
How has it been juggling work and university?
How quickly did you find work?
Did you speak to the Careers Team?
Tell us about looking for work as an international student?

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