Institute for Mental Health Webinar with Dr Leah Quinlivan and Dr Amy Chandler

On Monday 6 September 2021, Dr Leah Quinlivan and Dr Amy Chandler delivered the Institute for Mental Health Webinar, marking the week of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Dr Leah Quinlivan – Self-harm and the central role of psychosocial assessment for improving patient safety in emergency departments

Psychosocial assessments are recommended for all patients presenting to hospital with self-harm. The proportion of people receiving an assessment varies widely across services, which has significant implications for patient safety. Patients who do not receive a psychosocial assessment are at risk of further non-fatal and fatal self-harm. In this talk, Dr Leah Quinlivan gave an overview of the important role of psychosocial assessments for improving patient safety in emergency departments.

Dr Leah Quinlivan is a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. She leads the self-harm research component and co-leads the patient involvement and engagement work in self-harm and suicide prevention in the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre. She is also an expert content advisor for the NHS England & NHS Improvement funded programme to improve community-based services for self-harm.

Dr Amy Chandler – Being on the edge: urgency and inevitability in community narratives of suicide

This presentation drew on accounts of suicide generated through collaborative arts-based discussion groups held in Scotland. Using the metaphor of ‘being on the edge’, Dr Chandler highlights enduring tensions within this project, and suicide research as a whole, between attempts to balance individual agency and meaning-making, with broader structural drivers and patterns of suicide.

Amy Chandler is a sociologist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh. She leads two projects addressing social, cultural and political understandings of suicide: Suicide Cultures: Reimagining Suicide Research is funded by the Wellcome Trust; Suicide in/as Politics (Co-I Ana Jordan, University of Lincoln) is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.


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