Study Undergraduate Modern Languages at University

Interested in studying BA Modern Languages? Join Dr Caroline Ardrey, Lecturer in French and second-year student Jade to hear all about the course, the campus, and the opportunities available to you at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Welcome to the University of Birmingham
01:11 Some facts about languages
04:03 Why come to Birmingham to study languages?
04:42 Reason 1 – our good reputation
05:33 Reason 2 – our flexible programmes
08:34 Reason 3 – Birmingham languages graduate
13:44 Reason 4 – our teaching methods
15:34 Reason 5 – our excellent results
17:27 Bonus reason! Our location
21:55 Year Abroad
24:57 Careers with languages
26:29 Contact details
27:08 Interview with Modern Languages student Jade about the course and student life in Birmingham

Birmingham’s fusion of language and culture places employability at its heart, preparing you to live and work as an engaged citizen of the world. A flexible approach to learning allows you to tailor your degree: choose one, two or three languages in various weightings, including starting a new language from scratch. You will also complement your studies with a year abroad and an understanding of the working world, in areas that can include translation, language teaching, legal cultures, business and enterprise.

Undergraduate Modern Languages courses available at the University of Birmingham
Modern Languages
Modern Languages with Business Management
Russian Studies and International Relations
Modern Languages with History
Modern Languages with English
Modern Languages with History of Art
Modern Languages with Music
English as a Modern Foreign Language

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