Study undergraduate History and Politics at university

Interested in studying History and politics? Join Dr. Thomas Brodie, Lecturer in 20th Century European History and History student Gabriella to hear all about the course, the campus, and the opportunities available to you at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Your Birmingham Offer
01:27 BA History and Politics
02:03 Study in Birmingham
03:35 Course overview
04:48 Department of History
06:15 Department of Political Science and International Relations
06:31 Teaching
06:56 Support for you and your degree
08:25 Additional support
09:08 Year One
10:38 Year Two
13:02 Final Year
14:36 Careers
16:06 Contact details
16:32 Interview with History student Gabriella discussing the course and student life in Birmingham

If you want to understand the past to prepare for your future in a changing world, studying History is the way forward. A knowledge of politics helps you to understand what governments do, shedding light on how some of history’s pivotal events were motivated by the political leaders of the day.

Whatever your interests – whether cultural, social, military, political, economic or religious history – there is someone in the department teaching your kind of history. Moreover, historians in other departments in the University expand the range of courses on offer, notably in the fields of Byzantine and African history.

The Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) has a broad expertise covering all areas of Political Science allowing you to learn from true specialists, with long-established strengths in the fields of political theory, European politics, international relations theory, security studies, diplomatic studies, political sociology, political economy, environmental politics, Pacific Asian politics and British politics.

Both fields of study help you to acquire important analytical and research skills in your degree. You will be investigating unfamiliar territory throughout your course questioning some of the prevailing myths, preconceptions and prejudices that surround history from the Middle Ages to the present day as well as learning about campaigns, elections, protest movements, policy issues and political ideas.

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