Study undergraduate Archaeology and Anthropology

Interested in studying Archaeology and Anthropology? Join Professor Henry Chapman, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Philosophy student Evadne to hear all about the course, the campus, and the opportunities available to you at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Who are we?
02:56 What to expect
04:18 Current research at Birmingham
05:20 Year One
06:57 Field School
08:15 Year Two
09:02 Final Year
09:49 Year Abroad option
10:38 How you are taught
12:23 A supportive environment
13:41 Skills you will develop
14:45 Teaching resources and campus developments
16:18 Careers
16:49 Bog Bodies – research into human remains
26:26 Contact details
26:44 Interview with student Evadne about the degree course and student life in Birmingham

The Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham is a world-leading centre of excellence for both teaching and research. From Byzantium to barbarians, Athenian drama to prehistorical archaeology, the first cities to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, you can study a wide range of periods, countries and cultures to suit your interests. The skills you gain will help to make you a much sought-after graduate.

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