Study undergraduate History at university

Interested in studying History? Join Dr David Gange, Senior Lecturer in History and first-year student Gabriella to hear all about the course, the campus, and the opportunities available to you at the University of Birmingham.

00:00 Intro
00:42 Sarah Vowell
02:28 The Big Questions
03:35 Employability
04:56 Birmingham strength: chronological and geographical spread
05:59 First in the Research Excellence Framework
07:27 Dedicated support
09:37 First Year
12:55 Second Year
13:54 Final Year
14:40 Contact details
15:00 Interview with History student Gabriella about the degree course and student life in Birmingham

The Department of History at the University of Birmingham is a world-leading centre of excellence for both teaching and research. If you want to study History at university, the University of Birmingham is a great place to do so. Whatever your interests, whether global, cultural, social, political, economic, military or religious history, our historians are teaching and researching your kind of history. Tailor the programme to suit your strengths and interests. The skills you gain will help to make you a much sought-after graduate.

Undergraduate History Courses available at the University of Birmingham:

Ancient and Medieval History
Anthropology and History
Archaeology & Ancient History and History
English and History
History and History of Art
History and Philosophy
History and Politics
History and Theology
Modern Languages and History

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