Institute for Mental Health Webinar with Dr Pooja Saini

On Monday 12 July 2021, Dr Pooja Saini delivered the Institute for Mental Health Webinar – Suicide Prevention for children and young people: Care pathways, rapid identification, early intervention and support

“Suicide is an important public health issue. Over 800,000 people die by suicide each year worldwide and approximately 6000 people per year in the UK. Worryingly, children and young people are highly vulnerable to finding themselves in a crisis and rates in these groups is increasing. As most lifetime cases of mental health conditions begin in adolescence, early intervention during this period is crucial. However, in order to be able to intervene early, we first need a clearer understanding of the risk factors that contribute to later crisis, and the interventions that are most effective in preventing future difficulties.”

Pooja is a Reader in Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Pooja leads the Suicide and Self Harm Research Group (SSHRG), is Founder of the Suicide and Self Harm Research Network North West (SSHaRE NoW), Co-Chair of the international ‘Suicide Prevention in Primary Care’ Special Interest Group.

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