Senior Leader Apprenticeships: Webinar 15 June 2021

The webinar introduces our new senior leader apprenticeship, the Postgraduate Diploma Management Practice, and provides an overview of the programme.
Are you interested in a senior leader apprenticeship programme but need to know more?

Do you want to find out how to make it work in your organisation?

Or maybe you have looked at senior leader apprenticeship programmes in the past and now have a specific question about how things have changed?

Join our team as they update you on senior leader apprenticeships, share how they can support the development of highly skilled managers and leaders, and give you an exclusive insight into our new senior leader apprenticeship programme, Postgraduate Diploma Management Practice.

During the event, you’ll:
• Understand the benefits of senior leader apprenticeships to organisations and individuals.

• Find out more about the key features of Alliance Manchester Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma Management Practice, which is accessible using the apprenticeship levy.

• Have the opportunity to ask your own specific questions about senior leader apprenticeships and the Alliance MBS programme.

This webinar was recorded on 15 June 2021.

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