Webinar - "Excessively Cruel": Detention, deportation and separated families

On Tuesday 8 June 2021, The University of Birmingham and Bail for Immigration Detainees hosted a live webinar “Excessively Cruel”: Detention, deportation and separated families.

Families living with the pressure of insecure immigration status are likely to be poorer, sicker and unhappier than those with secure citizenship. A report, published by the University of Birmingham and the University of Bristol, calls on policy- and decision-makers to recognise the impacts of the immigration system on families with precarious status and take steps to ensure they are able to navigate the system more fairly.

Chaired by Baroness Shami Chakrabarti the webinar included an overview of the research and its main findings from project lead Dr Melanie Griffiths (University of Birmingham). The panel of speakers included;
– Rudy Schulkind from the NGO Bail for Immigration Detainees who presented research on the impact of immigration detention and deportation on British families
– Sonali Naik QC, a senior public law and immigration practitioner at Garden Court Chambers
– Ace Ruele Aristotles, a London-born actor and father who is fighting to remain in the UK

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