Expedition update - What is a Ocean Bottom Seismometer?

Meet Haleh Karbala Ali. She she is a postdoc at DIAS (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) and part of the POROCLIM expedition team (lead by the University of Birmingham)
In this video, Haleh shows us the Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) – machines used to investigate the structure of the Earth’s crust. By sinking the instruments to the sea floor, sensitive recording equipment can detect faint, long wavelength vibrations from the base of the Oceanic crust. Once the data is required the OBS floats back to the surface where it is recovered and prepped for the next deployment.
The POROCLIM expedition has 27 OBS’s which we are deploying across the Atlantic Ocean to aid in our investigation of how deep Earth processes might link to past episodes of global warming.

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