The European Super League from a Sports Law Perspective | Different Conversations 008

Prof Steve Greenfield is a member of the Westminster Law School at the University of Westminster. He is part of the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture and the founding editor of the Entertainment and Sports Law Journal (ESLJ). He also has a huge passion for sports.

In the aftermath of the failed European Super League, Brad talks to Steve about how the announcement of the ESL was such a PR disaster, as well as some of the wider issues of sport as a commodity, and the growth of law in the entertainment industry.

During the conversation, they talk about:
• The story behind the failed European Super League
• The study of law with other academic disciplines
• How football fits into English culture and identity
• The growth of law in the entertainment industry due to changes in technology
• Broadcasting rights in cricket and the birth of the Indian Premier League
• Venture capital investing in New Zealand’s international rugby union team

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