Leadership skills you need right now

The webinar introduces the Manchester Leadership Development Programme, highlighting some of the skills leaders need now, more than ever.

As many of us contemplate the next steps ahead of us, it is clear that things have changed and nothing is quite the same as it was.

Getting through the next phase will call for skilled leadership, effective teamwork, great strategy and resilient execution.

This webinar features Dr Mike Kennard, Programme Director for the Manchester Leadership Development Programme.

Mike will take us through this ILM recognised leadership programme, showcasing the knowledge and skills it provides, the optional ILM qualification and leadership coaching.

This session features:

• The next steps in the return to work
• The Manchester Leadership Development Programme
• Personal growth
• Organisational impact
• How you can apply

Find out more about the Manchester Leadership Development Programme here:

This webinar was recorded on 28 April 2021.

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