Rights, Data and Modes of Justification in Response to COVID-19: Reflections from the Pandemic

This webinar is brought to you by two AHRC-funded ‘observatories’ of UK responses to the COVID-19 pandemic:
The Observatory for Monitoring Data-Driven Approaches to COVID-19 (OMDDAC); and
The COVID-19 Review Observatory (CVRO)
In this session, each Observatory discussed their initial findings and reflections from the first year of the pandemic, considering, in particular, the justifications put forward for COVID-19 responses, to reflect upon and assess the respective roles that data and human rights have (or have not) come to perform in this context.

Rachel Allsopp is a Research Fellow at Northumbria University School of Law and OMDDAC Research Associate.
Prof Fiona de Londras is Chair of Global Legal Studies at the University of Birmingham and is the CVRO’s Principal Investigator.

Dr Marion Oswald is Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Fellow in Law at Northumbria University and Director of OMDDAC.

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