What is Memory Science? | Different Conversations 006 | University of Westminster Podcast

Prof Catherine Loveday is a principal lecturer and teaching fellow of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Westminster. She is a memory scientist and her research covers autobiographical memory, musical memories and memory ageing.

On International Women’s Day, Brad talks to Catherine about her work in memory science, how our brains change over time, and her love of music and how it has a profound impact on our memory. She also talks about myth-busting in her book, The Secret World of the Brain.

During the conversation, they also talk about:
• Prof Loveday’s background in memory science
• Are male and female brains fundamentally different?
• How our environment can change our brain
• What does it mean to be conscious?
• Why important memories in our lives are linked to music?
• The idea that music taps into basic human emotions
• How our memory is affected by ageing

You can find out more about Catherine’s book The Secret World of the Brain:

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