The new Data Visualisation Observatory at Alliance Manchester Business School

The Data Visualisation Observatory will help to develop new insights into data and models, and support information-intensive brainstorming sessions within the lab or across the world.

The possible uses for the new observatory are endless, whether it be providing high-fidelity interactive visualisations of very large data sets, capturing user behaviour in controlled immersive environments, or digital simulations of manufacturing processes and designs.

Here are just some specific examples of research uses:

Industry 4.0 – simulating innovative mechanisms for flexible routing of materials through a factory with a complex layout
Health – visualising health data and immersive observations of brain signals and anatomical models
Environment – linking air quality simulations and real-time traffic flows to reduce pollution levels
Marketing – observation of customer behaviour in a simulated retail environment under controlled conditions
Fintech – visualising monetary flows and stock market behaviours

Find out more here:

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