Gender Identity and Pronouns | Different Conversations 005 | University of Westminster Podcast

Dr Francis Ray White is a senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of Westminster. Dr White focuses their work on the area of gender studies and the discourse around gender-neutrality and the body.

For LGBT History Month, Brad talks to Francis about their work around gender identity and the intersection between gender, sexuality and sociology. They bring up the topics of de-gendering institutional facilities and the idea of feminist biology.

During their conversation, they also discuss:
• Gender as a binary concept
• The legal issues around gender-neutral pronouns
• Non-binary people in higher education
• The history and development of gender-neutral bathrooms
• The historical and cultural notions of gender
• The idea of a division between sex and gender
• Dr White’s research in fat studies and fat people

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About Different Conversations Podcast:
Dr Brad Elliott, a senior lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Westminster, brings together a cross-section of Westminster colleagues to engage in some interesting, unusual and unexpected discussions for his bi-weekly podcast Different Conversations.

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